Extend your Cache power

The only existing solution to increase your %saving with users. It gives you a solution to extend your cache space with your existing proxy server especialy when you cannot add new hard disks to the motherboard.
UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center is a software appliance that is designed to be installed on your own hardware appliance within few minutes. It's an hassle free solution under Linux containing an already pre-installed/configured 64 bits Linux OS, a Proxy server and Unveil Technology unique prefetch solution.
Configuration and management of your UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center are easily done with a built-in Graphical Web Console.
With UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center you can easily increase your transferred data volume thus saving significant amount of money. Installed in your network UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center will prefetch most popular objects before your users request them.
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Why do you need the UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center ?
  • Supports 100+ of most data consuming websites.
  • Global Database contains 200,000+ files representing in total 61+ TB of data and still counting...
  • Save precious bandwidth during business hours by downloading data (WindowsUpdate, Apple, Netflix, Steam, etc...) during night time when your Internet bandwidth is not used.
  • Significantly reduce your overloaded bandwidth with Netflix and/or Amazon PrimeVideo.
  • Get the very latest files ready in your cache before your users even need them.
  • Your overloaded poxy cache server cannot accept more disks but you still need to save more bandwidth to increase your productivity.
What the UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center is not or can not be:
  • It does NOT replace your existing cache server.
  • It can NOT be installed on the same hardware you use with your cache server.
  • It is NOT a public cache server.
Supported websites:
Extract of UnveilTech eXtended Cache Center Database
playstation 29.54 TB
xboxlive 18.92 TB
windowsupdate10 2.52 TB
samsungdm 2.17 TB
ospserver 1.94 TB
xvideos 1.21 TB
blizzard 1.05 TB
miui 0.61 TB
windowsupdate 0.54 TB
dbankcdn 0.32 TB
Main Features
  • 100% compatible with the VCB
  • Works with ThunderCache, BlueCoat, Speedr, Appliansys, Squid Cache, Artica, Raptor, etc...
  • Up to 64 cache disks
  • Cache Sharing compatible
  • Prefetch and cache Netflix streaming (VCB required)
  • Prefetch and cache Amazon PrimeVideo streaming (VCB required)
  • Bandwidth limitation during prefetching
  • Time range for full bandwidth during the night
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Users
  • ISO Software Appliance solution ready to download
  • ISO file containing an already pre-configured Linux OS
  • Easy to Install on your own hardware or software appliance
  • Installation in few minutes
  • No extra manual installation or configuration required
  • Works on Hardware or Virtual Appliance
  • Transparent Proxy and Cisco WCCP2 compatible
  • Includes a web graphical console for easy configuration & management
  • Easy Customizable Solution
  • Ready to use solution
Example of Hardwares
  • Server Apple (iOS/Drivers/...):
    • Intel i5
    • RAM: 32GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 3x10TB SATA
  • Server Netflix:
    • Intel i7
    • RAM: 64GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 5x10TB SATA
  • Server PlayStation:
    • Intel i7
    • RAM: 64GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 5x10TB SATA
  • Server Xbox:
    • Intel i7
    • RAM: 64GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 3x10TB SATA
  • Server Steam Games:
    • Intel i3
    • RAM: 8GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 2x2TB SATA
  • Server WindowUpdate (7, 8 and 10):
    • Intel i7
    • RAM: 64GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 256GB + 3x10TB SATA
  • Server Xvideos:
    • Intel i5
    • RAM: 32GB
    • Disks: 1 SDD 512GB + 2x10TB SATA
Screen Shots
Example of Configuration with task:
View a Domain by objects size:
Define a Task with PreFetching:
Netflix and Amazon PrimeVideo
Running Tasks
Shared Objects to the Users
Downloaded Objects per Day
Performances on the VCB
  • Column "%Sibling" is the additional saving provided by the XCC with selected websites
  • "nflxvideo.net" is the Netflix traffic