Examples of Architectures

Single-XCC Architecture
With the Single-XCC Architecture, all domains will be done by a single XCC server. It means, according to your selection, you must plan many hard disks to this single server.
You could not select many domains that will exceed the total disks size, or you will need many hard disks to cover the volume of data you need to prefetch.
    Example of Single XCC servers with many domains:
  • XCC server Apple iOS/Apps + Steam Games + WindowsUpdate: 7x10TB cache disk
Multi-XCC Architecture
With the Multi-XCC Architecture, each domain will be done by a dedicated XCC server. Here you can define how much disks you need by domain to correctly cover the volume of data.
    Examples of dedicated XCC servers per domain:
  • XCC server Apple iOS/Apps: 2x10TB cache disk
  • XCC server Steam Games: 2x2TB cache disk
  • XCC server WindowsUpdate: 3x10TB cache disk
  • XCC server Xvideos: 2x10TB cache disk
  • XCC server Netflix: 5x10TB cache disk